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When suggestions started floating about that another northern chunk of Luzerne County wanted to break off, the PTB (powers-that-be) of Wilkes-Borough became alarmed, so they developed a two-point scheme.One, they agreed to the breakoff and formation of Wyoming County, centered around Tunkhannock, throwing as it were a bone to folks clamoring for more self rule.“This is not a case of my being an absentee owner,” he says.

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But a unique development occurred in 1874 as Pennsylvania established a new constitution: this self-serving amendment was omitted, whether intentionally or not.

Lackawanna County was now free to call its own shots, and in 1874 did just that: break away from the old county that shamelessly tried to handcuff it.

Lackawanna County was once part of Luzerne County, and the breakoff did not come easy.

The first rumblings of secession were heard in the 1830s, some 20 years after Bradford and Susquehanna counties had broken off, due mainly to the impracticalities, not to mention the social regression, of having to travel to Wilkes-Borough to transact official business.

“But if I ever hit the lottery, the first thing I’ll do is move my parents to another cemetery.” Then there are those who contacted Har Zion for basic info about deceased kin.

Gloria Pressman, who lives out of state, needed ancestors’ birth and death dates.

“But we’ll keep trying.” Hey, I tell Feldman, he doesn’t need to tell that to me.

Originally known as Braintrim (see above) and Skinner's Eddy (see below), the area for a couple centuries was a camping grounds for Indians of the Tuscarora tribe.

He told me it was standard operating procedure to allow a grave to “settle” for a few months before topping off and seeding it.

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