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Scotland and Northern Ireland collect their own crime data and their websites are linked below: future reference, you do not need to use a Freedom of Information request to ask for data.Forget Tinder or; one of the best places to find romance is at the office. Office romances are very common and for good reason, says Jay Starkman, CEO of Engage PEO, a human resource service provider.“This protects the company and is the only way you can operate these days.” If your policy is written, be careful to make it gender neutral, adds Starkman.

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“And you have a good sense of what someone is like when you spend hours each day in the same place.” Your first step: Figure out the rules regarding dating officemates.

(The employee handbook may offer clues, and if not, ask your HR rep.) No explicit rules?

“In fact, coworker reactions tend to be negative with concerns over favoritism and conflicts of interest.

My own work has shown that even a climate of workplace flirting is associated with less job satisfaction among coworkers, and greater levels of stress.”Starkman agrees.

The CSEW is a face-to-face survey in which people resident in households in England and Wales are asked about their experiences of crime in the 12 months prior to the interview.

PRC data is collected by the 43 territorial police forces of England and Wales, plus the British Transport Police and does not include crimes that have not been reported to the police or incidents that the police do not record.

Evaluate whether it the practice is acceptable in your company’s culture by asking others in the office—in an off-handish way, of course—whether they’ve heard of others on staff dating or marrying colleagues. It’s better to avoid dating someone in a higher or lower position as this can cause an imbalance of power within the office and without.

And know that you will draw extra scrutiny if you work closely with the person, even if you are peers. Assuming you know your intended is available—which other colleagues should be able to tell you—test the waters by asking him to lunch or inviting him to an outside work event. If you do hit it off and start dating, be discreet.

It may have a little chilling effect, but that hurts culture because people end up sneaking around.”Some states have privacy laws that prohibit an employer from restricting employee behavior unless there is a conflict of interest, such as a manager dating a subordinate.

“In this case, there does need to be a policy of disclosure and a plan in place,” says Starkman.

“The old approach for many companies was to ban office dating as a way to avoid potential liability,” he says. It’s like Prohibition; all the ban does is force the activity underground.

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