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Not to mention those weird 'family in the bathtub' photos. Which is one reason why the current ban and prosecution against animated child porn should be unconsitutional.

This misguided urge to prevent any unseemingly contact between children and other children or adults because it might be "sexual" in perception is causing greater harm to us as a society and individuals than the actual abuse.

This reminds me of a posting on a mommy-blog I saw recently.

But the images of those happy, round babies made us all smile. But then I read this story about the potential risks, legal and potentially sexual, of taking and sharing (inadvertently or otherwise) nude pictures of your kids.

It made me feel sick to my stomach -- and glad that my kids had apparently been spared any ill effects from my having taking such pictures of them.

Seems that if you know its happening, and you have a place to find the offenders and scum, it makes more sense to NOT close it down but use it as a tool to investigate and arrest.

Rather than saving the people being exploited, they drove it back underground. Slowly, bit by bit in our feminized society, safety and PC activists together with lawyers are eliminating freedom.

But I suppose it's more important to protect children against pedophiles and other dangers than to have immortal images of their bare butts. Just as crazy is this news release: A group of researchers at the University of Kentucky-Lexington, thinks that Bill Clinton’s famous assertion that he “did not have sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky may be the reason so many young people today don’t consider oral sex to count as doing the deed ...

It's quite inappropriate to share photos of your kids with strangers regardless of their state of dress or undress.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said something like "a society willing to trade its freedom for safety (security) will end up with neither". The point is, as creepy as most of us find this behavior, no child was harmed or exploited.

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