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Now, despite – or, perhaps, because of – the proliferation of social networking websites, it is helping people make friends. There's no second chance." And he may be on to something. Craig's List, the phenomenally successful listings website, has a popular section called Strictly Platonic, in which users seek companions for everything from museum visits or shopping outings to coffee and conversation, echoing the growing popularity nationwide of salons, book groups and cultural forums. I enjoy writing, watching a good chick-flick film or reading a girlie novel…

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"Society has such fluid boundaries these days, it can be hard to differentiate between friendships and affairs," she warns.

"It requires a high level of trust to allow a partner to have a so-called platonic relationship." Famously, Billy Crystal's character in the film When Harry Met Sally opines that men and women can never be friends "because the sex part always gets in the way".

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"It is easier to feel lonely." Technology, far from being part of the solution, is in fact part of the problem, says Dorling.

"It was hard to go through life without making friends before television." But with the advent of entertainment which prompted people to stay in on their own, they were no longer forced to interact with others. "Nobody planned it like this, but it is probably not a good idea." When Dorling mapped British "loneliness indices", London, perhaps not surprisingly, came out on top.He wants to know if there are any "ladies in North West London who just like to get together now and then for some company? " Annie is 19 and didn't make it into college in America.She has decided to come to England to pursue her dreams of making it as a photographer."The plan would be sitting around chilling, smoking, listening to some dirty, dirty dubstep. " says a 20 year-old west Londoner looking for "some honest platonic fun". They are browsing, posting and reading adverts on the internet, in this instance on new website Rentafriend, seeking – and offering – the company of strangers, for friendship only.The web already caters for everything from S&M addicts desperately seeking a new master, to Orthodox Jews looking to find their bashert (destined love). "We have zero tolerance if a friend says they were solicited.It seems that Annie, the American photographer, made a good move in trying to establish a social base before flying in. Some seekers of platonic pals are not crying out for someone – anyone – to help them pass the time. But they are after something else – someone to step in for a girlfriend who doesn't enjoy theatre, or a husband who can't stand opera. For the intellectually lonely, the Rentafriend arrangement is perfect.

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