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Given the paucity of studies on this matter, we aimed to compare the clinical characteristics, social functioning, and cognition of male and female adolescents with schizophrenia and to analyze possible differences in early course and adherence to treatment during a six-month followup.

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Highlights from these studies showed that males had an earlier onset [1], more negative symptoms, and a poorer functioning [2], while females showed a higher prevalence of paranoid subtype and more severe positive symptoms and a better outcome [3].

Regarding cognitive function, males were reported to exhibit more difficulties in emotion perception, verbal memory, and cognitive flexibility [4, 5].

In Mexico, PSP validity was evaluated in 40 adolescent patients, obtaining good internal consistency, a positive correlation with C-GAS, and a negative correlation with the negative, excitement, and cognitive factors derived from PANSS and MCCB domains; it also showed good internal consistency and interrater reliability [18].

The adherence to treatment was defined in a dichotomous variable, assessing the patient’s capability to follow the medical instructions [19].

Intraclass correlation coefficients 0.70 and 80% of agreement were achieved.

Evaluations were completed at baseline and every three weeks until week 12. All participants were on pharmacological treatment during the study.The study was in compliance with the Helsinki declaration and was approved by the Institutional Review Board.Child and Adolescent Version (MINI KID): the MINI KID was designed as a structured diagnostic interview to assess short-term psychopathology of children and adolescents.A more recent study on patients with first episode of psychosis reported that women obtained higher scores than men on a test of verbal memory, whereas men scored higher on a test of reaction time, visual memory, and planning, displaying a pattern similar to that reported on healthy individuals [6].Follow-up studies showed similar rates of adherence to treatment [7] but a better outcome in females [8].Adolescent onset schizophrenia is relatively common, with almost 30% of patients having an illness onset before they turn 18 years old.

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