Nichkhun wooyoung dating

i heard that nickhun was going to be in ouran highschool, but when I saw the cast for the drama he wasnt in it till i found out that there was going to be a movie.

The movie combines 2 of my fave things ouran highschool host club and 2pm! i know Khunnie(Nickhun) will do well because from what i've seen he's actually a pretty good actor!

There is also a random photocard of either the whole group or one of the duos.

They were never married, lovers, girlfriend/boyfriend or anything other than co-workers at the time.

Nichkhun Is For Tiffany, Tiffany Is For Nichkhun = Khun Fany Get it?

i love you till deat and you'll never know how much i love you!!! in my cellphone i just have your photo i hope when i grew up (now i'm 11 years old^^) i will meet you, and i really sad when you and 2pm oppa come to jakarta indonesia i cant watch it because my mom and my dad dont have enough money to buy ticket so i hope you'll came here again because i already saving money for your concert and if u dont come here its kay cuz i'll go to seoul by myself and i'll meet you so i hope you'll read this because this is true from my heart.

KAMSAHAMIDA^^ annyeong , nichkhun :) i like you since you're in WGM with victoria ..

The members of 2PM started when Korean musician Park Jin-young formed an eleven-member band known as One Day.

Eventually the band was split into 2PM and a similar but independent group known as 2AM.He played Ma Taichi in a Japanese "Gokumon Satsujin Jiken" Special (TV Movie) of "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo" in 2014.He played Zhang Hao in a Chinese TV series "One and a Half Summer" which will be aired this summer (2014).The band went on to release another Korean album, known as Hands Up, in 2011.They made their Japanese debut later that year with Republic of 2PM.and you so cool cute charismatic romantic handsome funny ..

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