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Aside from volume restrictions, composting toilets do not work well and in cold environments require a source of heat to keep the bacteria working.Out houses are banned in many locations due to soil contamination.

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The SR models have also been approved by multiple European laboratories (earning the CE mark for excellence in product safety and design), and a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) approval in the state of Idaho.

The SR is safe when installed and operated in accordance with the owner's manual. Composting toilets were not going to work for us, and this was the best solution. It has sat in subzero temps during the winter, and is unaffected.

The retreat is completely off the grid and there are no town services.

LPG is delivered periodically in a bottle exchange.

We generate electricity when needed, pump water into holding tanks which then gravity feeds into the house.

An LPG fired demand water heater provides hot water and a wood burning stove provides heat. On balance, the retreat is almost self sufficient and as 'green' as we feel comfortable.

Following connecting the power, and checking for any fuel leaks as per directions in the owner's manual, one can start to use the toilet.

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Periodically, the burn chamber needs to be emptied of sterile ash.

Cleaning of ashes can be done from the outside of the toilet; a special cleaning lid and cap to the burn chamber can be accessed from the back of the unit.

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