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Its actually insulting to a person with half a brain to not know you are being taken.

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So after we started talking so we want to hook up but she kept sending me links that every time I had to say is free they can ask him for a credit card or my debit card number and she told me they wouldn't charge me but it did and now it charge me $39 twice on the same day.

My bank company had send me an email saying that my card was deactivate because unusual activity.

There is a definite shortage of women who are looking to hook up and "be naughty." So imagine my surprise when I created an account on Be Naughty and was flooded with responses from beautiful, interested women!

There's apparently more easy pussy than corn in Iowa and I was just looking in the wrong places.

You'll notice I've posted some pictures on here. IIf you wish to hire me, I will need you to send me a friend request so that you are able to rate my service to you and comment on my profile page. Just a bored thirty something single woman looking to add a bit of spice to her life. I also like the thought of being vulnerable to, and maybe exploited by older women.

I'm a girl who like rock, fun and some nasty things :p Now I'm into girls mostly and would like to chat and play with them :) So girls are welcome any time, especially sub ones - I like to spank and something more ;) Feel free to message me. Claudia Van Dyke I am making myself available as a lesbian escort to all women here, besides Futas.

NOT into girls younger than 18, get your pedophilia bullshit out of here.

I'm just an average guy, with an average life looking to chat with women between about 29 - 50(ish) and see where it goes. I learned a while ago that age really doesn't make a difference if we click and have something in common to talk...

Some fake profiles but you wil have to deal with them on any other site too. Remember this if it sounds to good to be true most likely its not. I am still fighting with these guys to quite charging my card and i have talked to customer service 4 times and they refuse to stop the reacurring payments. Funny how everyone asks the same question what movie would you take me to the $#*!

Also Casualdating4u which is known to have loads of real female members.

I had 17 messages within the first 10 minutes and I hadn't even uploaded a profile picture or personal description. For those of you not familiar with sarcasm, that last paragraph was dripping with it. Or maybe there really are hundreds of horny women in my hometown who are desperate to hook up with a guy based soley on his location, age, and screen name and I'm just too naive.

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