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Your ‘Date’ tab permits to add a photo, date and time, contact, rate the date, and add any other information you think you should remember.

All three of these tabs all you to sort alphabetically, find your favourites in order of ranking, and your most recently tagged.

First you take a ‘Contact’ from your address book and drag all the information into a file, or you can create a new one.

Then you go to your ‘Places’ tab and enter the location.

Your order will be packaged discreetly for your privacy and protection.

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The application is very easy to download and comes at a reasonable price.

If you habitually go out with so many different people that you are starting to forget who is who and where you went, then My Little Black Book made for the i Phone and i Pad Touch is what you need.

This is convenient for those who date multiple people at the same time and need a way of keeping them separated.

The difference here is inside of taking the time to write about your date or mark your ‘black book,’ you now have the luxury to do it instantly on your phone.

Since the show "Happy Days" I always associated "little black books" with players tools. I generally keep notes on any new contacts to seperate the fact from the fiction. I like to find out if someone is trying to feed me some load of crap before I take the time to meet them. and seriously - if I know I'm gonna be calling you within the next 24 hours and you give me your phone number, I write it on my hand.

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