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The legal age for marriage and civil partnerships is 16 with parental consent or 18 without.

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Many women from Northern Ireland travel to other parts of the UK for a legal and free termination.

Young women usually want to tell parents or another responsible adult.

There are a number of laws to do with having sex outside.

It can be illegal to show male or female genitals in public.

To find your local Reproductive Sexual Health or ‘Family Planning Clinic’ or Brook, where you can get referred for a termination (abortion) for free, click here.

More about getting impartial advice about pregnancy and abortion here.They are for the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)., you have the right to a confidential service for condoms, contraception, check-ups and advice.For more visit Young people are highly unlikely to be prosecuted for any of these offences below if the people involved were the same or similar age and if the sex was clearly agreed with no abuse or exploitation.In the UK you have to be 16 to have sexual activity* with someone.If you are in any doubt as to whether someone is consenting, or whether they have lost the capacity to consent, then don’t have sex. Sex without consent is against the law – there are lots of different crimes about this but all of them are really serious.

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