Muddy paws dating agency

My brain is foggy today (jetlag, or the effect of 10 days of free alcohol and pizza).I go on long run with my dog around the Silver Lake Reservoir.6 p.m. The producer has a very interesting concept for a digital series and while it’s something that wouldn’t pay a ton, it would be a chance to build my reel in the semi-television space.At just three years old, Muddy River Distillery is North Carolina’s first and oldest rum distillery since prohibition, staking claim on an as-of-yet untapped craft liquor market in a state that’s currently home to more than 100 craft breweries.

We go through a status report of interested distributors.

Our reviews have been really good so far, so things look optimistic at this early check-in.4 p.m. Much of “writing” is actually surfing Facebook and checking email, the enemy of all writing. My dog gets nervous if he detects I’m leaving town, so I tie him up on the front porch of my apartment while I sneak out the back to throw my bags in the car.

He previously worked in advertising in Chicago before getting into comedy (with the group The Vacationeers) and then filmmaking (producing and acting in a.m.

I’m riding high on all the back-patting I just experienced at Tribeca, but I also have the paralyzing fear that I need to get something off the ground in the next few weeks from whatever little buzz the film has generated so I can perhaps make a bigger film or television show within the “studio system” (and stop asking Uber drivers how much money they make).

I check into IFF Boston and meet Nancy Campbell, the program director of the festival.

This festival is very intimate in contrast to Tribeca.

My producer Ryland Aldrich and I set up a meeting for Thursday with a company that wants to release the soundtrack. Part of my morning ritual involves the “5 Minute Journal” in an i Phone app called Grid Diary. ” Research on habit-forming shows that if you can do something for 30-90 days straight it becomes an ingrained behavior (unfortunately, this is also holds true for booze, porn and Buzzfeed.) I also create a “daily task list” in an i Phone App called Swipes. a.m. Check out an app called Headspace to give it a try.8 a.m. Setting my timer, I rewrite a treatment for a studio film I’m hoping to pitch in a few weeks.12 p.m.

I answer questions every morning on it, such as “What is on my calendar today? Another call with Jan Livingston about sound mix and use of music in the .

I run with my dog at Elysian Park in Echo Park. p.m.

I exchange emails with a foreign sales agent about how domestic screen counts (i.e. S.) drive up the value of a film in the foreign market.

I check out a shorts program and then meet my sister, who lives in Boston, for drinks.10 p.m. I meet some other filmmakers, but I’m spent from my flight and must go to sleep.

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