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Ultimately, experimental work is needed (also for the presumed lack of an effect of blue-white) to determine whether color biases winning in human sport.” : Dijkstra, Peter D. Some argue the Yankees road grays are the best uniform in sports, but the famous pinstripes are all business, and the interlocking NY logo was lifted from a Tiffany and Co. So even if you loathe the Yankees — and most of us do — it's hard to say there's a more stylish or more iconic sports uniform.

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The Kansas University football program late Tuesday night released yet another new-look uniform which will be worn during the upcoming season.

The uniform, dubbed Crimson Chrome features red pants, red jerseys, a red helmet (complete with a chrome face mask) with a huge Jayhawk head on the top and side and chrome numbers, letters and Jayhawks dotting the look.

Although the previous study tried to correct for the seeding by excluding first-round matches, Dijkstra and Preenen show that the seeding bias persists up through the third round of matches.

Second, the researchers explained that athletes competing in the “loser’s pool” also had a uniform color bias, since athletes in blue were more likely to have won their previous match.

When correcting for these three factors, the researchers found that pitting blue uniforms against white uniforms was actually a very fair match-up.

They confirmed this result by analyzing 71 other major judo tournaments since 1996.A KU spokesperson said the names would be on the backs of the Crimson Chrome uniforms when they're worn this fall.As you can see, the players seem to like them a lot and have not missed any of the little details that make them unique.Numerous other studies have shown that other colors – notably red and orange – can signal aggression and dominance in a wide variety of organisms.Some research points out that, in fair-skinned humans, anger can cause the face to redden.Another study found that football and hockey teams with black uniforms receive more penalties than other teams.

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