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Hawkes and Hunt are both transparent and revelatory, each in a difficult role that could have been much showier, but is stronger due to their restraint.

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And as she gets to know Mark, Cheryl begins to let her guard down.

Lewin refuses to shy away from any aspect of this story, confronting everything in honest, sometimes uncomfortable ways that are never remotely sentimentalised.

That's how long we've been hearing about humanity's war against the machines, a battle James Cameron first initiated in 1984 when he sent Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to terminate an unsuspecting Linda Hamilton.

Armageddon was averted, then later triggered, in subsequent sequels before arriving at Salvation.

Continue reading: Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li Review When you see the phrase "inspired by a true story," you assume the accompanying movie will have the intimate perspective of someone affected by adversity.

Eight Below, Disney's sled dogs in peril picture, is a case of false advertising.This is the story of Mark O'Brien (Hawkes), a journalist from Berkeley, California, who lives in an iron lung that he can only leave for a few hours a week.Paralysed from the neck down by polio as a young boy, Mark decides at age 38 that he wants to lose his virginity.It would be easy to drift into syruppy schmaltz with this kind of material, but the script maintains a bracingly sharp wit, and the actors cleverly underplay every scene.This adds to the realism and helps us understand all of the people on-screen.Continue reading: Faster Review The last bank robbery Driver committed left him with a heavy prison sentence and the loss of his brothers life, now ten years on since the incident, Driver has been released from prison and seeks to hunt down the people who double crossed him and his brother.

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