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But what do you do when a Marine Mom is convinced her child is coming home in a body bag?Dan wrote us recently because his wife is inconsolable at the thought of their son being injured or killed during his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. This has been going on for six months and I know it is only going to get worse as the date gets closer.He typically works full time as well as a towerhand and helps with bills occasionally...

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And reading the posts from other well-wishing parents can make you feel more connected.

The National Military Family Association has collected benefits and resources for concerned parents.

The mom, Juliet, posted the whole story on Facebook, explaining that the next morning, her husband came downstairs to tell her there was a "naked bloke upstairs and it is not Stewart." It turned out to be a guy named Marc who had gotten muddy before entering the house so he stripped down after coming in.

Juliet was grateful for Marc's manners - she noted that he was "obviously housetrained" and that he knew not to track mud into the house.

Bridget Cantrell, a licensed psychologist who specializes in treating combat vets.

An online support group can help you connect with other people who are like you and can help you identify solutions.

A mom in the UK found her son Stewart drunk and asleep under a blanket on her closet floor at AM after a Halloween party this weekend, so she gave him a pillow.

He thanked her, which surprised the mother since she isn't used to her boy being so polite.

Marc told The Sun, “I could not have stumbled into the home of two more lovely people.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's that time we appreciate all that Mom has done for us over the years. feedings were crucial and packing our lunches was a big deal, but there's something else that they've done that really proves how much they care — texting.

Her husband took Marc to his house, which was a few miles down the road.

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