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We all know someone who has gone thru this with a loved-one, or is currently going thru it. All it's takes is a sudden diagnosis of "diminishing capability", or a clear sudden loss of cognitive values for a senior member of any family. So for all those who don't know, there is help.

The Seniors' Resource Center in Wheat Ridge can provide dozens of solutions with a day program that will help you carry the burden Most of the staff of caregivers are Certified Nurse Assistants, which means they can help with all of those activities of daily living.

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Let’s be honest — living at Mom and Dad’s is not sexy.

In America, it screams dependent, broke, entitled and extremely lazy.

“You make the right choice,” my mom had quipped cheerfully.

According to statistics from the Pew Research Center, I’m not alone.

While friends get to have cocktail parties and hot guys over at their places, I’m extremely careful with whom I let into my house.

My dating life is effectively down the drain, and privacy is hard to come by.I pay my own bills; I feed myself; and I work a healthy five days a week as a freelance writer.I live at home not because I have to, but because I want to. My parents live in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, a region of Los Angeles County that’s ripe with the best Chinese food in the nation. I live within a 10-minute driving radius from four Taiwanese breakfast joints, a handful of great noodle eateries and my favorite hot-pot restaurant.And that’s exactly the stability I need as I figure out the unstable parts of my 20s and ask myself, who am I? My parents can’t house me forever, and eventually, I will want to start my own home, my own family and my own slew of overbearing text messages. So I’m going to stay at home because it makes sense logistically and gives me the flexibility and spending money to pursue my ambitions and dreams. DENVER, CO - By: Mark Koebrich You hear about it all the time.I don’t want to deal with inevitable roommate drama.

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