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Now in its seventh year, the Derby City Comic Con boasts over 200 booths featuring comic vendors, toy merchants and autograph sessions with industry artists.

Scenario: Joe gets a dial tone but in the process of dialing Mary and making her phone ring, her switchboard went down. Joe's battery freaks out briefly, making him think that the call to Mary had ended, so he hung up.

The server that hosts the IRC server, or the network it's on, crashed, rebooted or got reset. This error occurs on the client-side for many reasons.

When they set it to you will get the error "Connection refused" because you are trying to connect to yourself as the server.

If they disable the address altogether (set it to nothing) you will get the error "Unable to resolve IRC server".) Scenario: Joe gets a dial tone but dialing Mary's telephone number doesn't make her phone ring These errors occur on if the destination network is down, or perhaps one of the network segments on the way to that network is down with no way to reroute the data packets.

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To help you understand the situation better, we have included an analogy: Joe is your m IRC, an IRC Client Mary is the IRC server (as are Jane, Helga and Kyoko, all of whom work at the same place (network) Mary does).

When the server receives an error when writing to a client, it then disconnects the user, resulting in a write error quit message similar to the read error format.

Scenario: Mary, having been raised in a household with too many kids and always craving attention, keeps asking to make sure that Joe is still on the line and listening. " results in your status window, it means the server has pinged your client, and it has responded back with a pong to ensure the server that you are still connected.

A write error occurs when a server cannot successfully write to a user's client.

When the server receives information, it usually responds with information of its own.

It would be easy to dismiss the Derby City Comic Con as just another celebration of fantasy, cosplay, and comic collecting, but in a year that has been so politically divisive the annual event now serves as a reminder that people from all walks of life still enjoy many of the same things.

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