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Likewise, many elderly people develop mild neophobia.

Most kids outgrow food neophobia as they mature, but those who do not outgrow it by young adulthood may struggle with the fear throughout their lives.

Cenophobia, or the fear of new ideas, is a subset of neophobia.

By the time she arrived, nearly five years after child #1, we were card-carrying CSA members. We were locavores, true believers in living soil and leafy greens and small-is-beautiful. Make no mistake: that light was shining brightly on green fields growing in organic soil, pastured animals frolicking in the distance.

Rocking child #2 during her infancy, I didn’t have a doubt that this was the kid who would embrace the rainbow on her plate, would grow up noshing on raw chard and heirloom tomatoes.

The fear halts progress and can ultimately lead to disaster.

While it is smart not to accept every snake oil salesman at face value, new ideas and ways of thinking about a situation are critical to success.

Neophobia may be related to the twin fears of success and failure.

To truly succeed or fail, it is necessary to take a risk.

So we shifted her diet, ultimately convincing her (for real) of the joys of the kale chip.

We were determined to start off on the right foot with child #2.

It is easy to become stuck in a rut, avoiding risks that could lead to greater personal fulfillment or societal impacts.

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