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95% of women never have orgasms when they have sex with men and 85% fake their orgasms.I know women who tell me their husbands are ugly but good providers so they put out sexually when he wants it but have not interest in sex. One of the reasons women never have orgasms is because they are not attracted to their mates. It seems the popular opinion is dating is like an amusement park ride with stature being the primary prerequisite.

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Therefore, the characteristics revealed via online dating are not judged to be high in importance. In addition to the very limited amount of information disclosed online, people also have far more control over how they present themselves in such an environment.

Therefore in online dating, users are able to impression manage how they appear and sound to others.

The dilemma The longer a female spends making a decision about which male she should select, and the more choices she considers, should in theory lead her to a better decision.

However, this process cannot go on indefinitely, and eventually a choice will need to be made regarding the male she chooses.

Typically males seek out females who are physically attractive.

However for females, the principal function of mate choice is to obtain the best genes they can from a male partner.

Interestingly, people did not really see this as misrepresenting, but merely exaggerating.

In terms of the information posted about their relationship status or having family living with them, males misrepresented this information 13.3% of the time compared to 6.7% for females.

This chapter starts with an excursus on the meaning of the term ‘partner market’, due to the fact that there is little systematic conceptualization of either ‘partner market’ in empirical research, or of the basic term ‘market’ itself in sociology as a whole.

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