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The end result is, that even though logs have proven me a competitve player in the past when abreast of the gear curve, I am lacking in that department currently. I think this is something you can't honestly get the feel of until one actually spends time raiding with the guild.

I know I'm repeating myself, but I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel that you should leave. Drama Mama Lisa: 's premise is the eternal climb to increase your personal power and progress in strength.

However, it's not much of a game if the process itself is un-fun. Un-fun-ness is like a big puddle of bad in a raid encounter -- get out of the un-fun so you keep DPSing.

You may need to change realms to find a guild that's specifically recruiting, but as Robin says, I think it's more likely you'll find a compatible guild through social avenues.

Keep pugging, and keep chatting up your fellow players.

When mistakes are made, there is copious swearing and blaming and shaming and yelling, and the guild leader is nonresponsive to questions and openly (and unecessarily, I feel) disparaging. Community is something I value highly, and I mentioned so in my app. Well, I am on an odd schedule currently, and I can't make the raid times of those guilds that are recruiting my class. Secondly, I am aware that I don't look very palatable to other guilds at present.

The ones whose raids I can make are fewer and not recruiting my class. I will look a great deal better with a little luck in trinket and weapon drops, and with my legendary cape.

Your goal is to find out what makes a group tick underneath the framework of raiding or whatever events and activities hold it together. There are too many guilds and players in World of Warcraft for anyone to feel they need to settle for a weak fit. Read Robin's section of this post on how to get your letter answered and please remember that we cannot answer privately.

Keep at it until you find a group you're truly comfortable in for the long haul. Dodge the drama and become that player everyone wants in their group with a little help and insight from the Drama Mamas.

The question then becomes: given all of the above, should I stick it out until I get some better gear to be able to switch guilds, or leave and save myself a headache and continue doing flex and LFR for trinkets/weapons/runestones - and reapply to another guild when I finish my cloak?

I don't want to fall too behind in progression while stepping out (13/14N currently), but am aware of the toxic raid environment poisoning my enjoyment of the game.

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