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Police eventually returned fire when the taser proved ineffective, but officers do not believe the Green was hit. Officers briefly lost sight of him, police said, before they heard a solitary gunshot.

Officers then turned the corner and found him lying unresponsive on the ground.

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We're just trying to make sure you're okay." Green then walks away from officers.

According to police, Green, 18, of Florissant, shot himself near the intersection of Ellington Drive and Bermuda Drive on October 28.

He was later apprehended and his wife divorced him in 1970. He is associated with the murder of actress Sharon Tate and some other Hollywood residents. After getting married to a 17 years old girl who got pregnant for he, he was arrested for car theft and was jailed and murder.

He was reported to have been hospitalized in January 2017 with a serious illness.

The church on the left is Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, which dates to the founding of Fairbanks. The church is on the National Registry of Historic Sites.

The building on the right is the Big International (Big I) Bar. Mainly cloudy with snow showers around this evening.

In addition to killing his victims he also mutilated them and performed sexual act on he victims captured in 1991 and sentenced to prison.

Right there in jail a fellow prisoner murdered him in 1994.

If we decide to take down the list of every single of this people who has committed inhuman crimes, it is practically endless. Here are some of the lists of serial killer who committed serial inhuman act; As a young boy he was already been detained at the juvenile detention for petty crimes of stealing and possession of some contra band products he got his first jail sentence in 1983 for car theft and after he was released the following year he turned violence.

He committed his first known murder in 1984 the year he was released and his victim was 79 years Jennie Vincow who he assaulted sexually and stabbed to death finally. He had some nick names like the “Lust Killer”, ‘The Shoe Fetish Slayer.” Born in 1939 Webster, Southern Dakota, he has always been trouble from an early age.

Normandy police officers, who also responded to the scene, do not wear body cameras.

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