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For instance, we imagined a kind of mobile production unit, but unfortunately the drawings have been lost. It was supposed to be computer-controlled, allowing you to create interesting shapes and sequences of spaces.

It was a merging of organic and technological systems, a new way of structuring the world.

Town meetings are continuous and discussions rage on everything from sexual kinks to depreciation schedules.

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As a social experience, individuals can interact, exchange ideas, share information, provide social support, conduct business, direct actions, create artistic media, play games, engage in political discussion, and so on, using this global network. The term cyberspace has become a conventional means to describe anything associated with the Internet and the diverse Internet culture.

The United States government recognizes the interconnected information technology and the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures operating across this medium as part of the US national critical infrastructure.

Don Slater uses a metaphor to define cyberspace, describing the "sense of a social setting that exists purely within a space of representation and communication . To enter it, one forsakes both body and place and becomes a thing of words alone.

You can see what your neighbors are saying (or recently said), but not what either they or their physical surroundings look like.

In their view, the computational medium in cyberspace is an augmentation of the communication channel between real people; the core characteristic of cyberspace is that it offers an environment that consists of many participants with the ability to affect and influence each other.

They derive this concept from the observation that people seek richness, complexity, and depth within a virtual world.We felt that there was a need to loosen up the rigid confines of urban planning, giving back the gift of creativity to individual human beings and allowing them to shape and design their houses or dwellings themselves – instead of having some clever architect pop up, telling you how you should live.We were thinking in terms of open-ended systems where things could grow and evolve as required. The nozzle would emit and apply material that grew to form amorphous mushrooms or whatever you might imagine.Collectively, they form what their inhabitants call the Net.It extends across that immense region of electron states, microwaves, magnetic fields, light pulses and thought which sci-fi writer William Gibson named Cyberspace.And a response that counteracted industrial uniformity.

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