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I’d auction it off to raise more funds if I didn’t love it so much! It will ONLY be on sale on the website to start with but after about a fortnight it will join the other two books on amazon and Etsy too!

The bracelets and clothing will be arriving by the end of the week and will also be on he new website when it launches.

Big announcement next week about what we’re training for and what will hopefully continue the fundraising!???? I just wish she was here to see the impact that she is having herself.

Because the bracelets are being handmade they will arrive in batches. #smileloveandbekind X ... Emmy managed to inspire so so many people throughout her life.

So if they aren’t available or are ‘out of stock’ when you look on the website - please don’t worry - there will be more arriving every week and with plenty of time for Christmas! I know you would be all self-deprecating and say you didn’t deserve this but I know, as so many others do, that no one deserves this award more than you. It makes me chuckle when I think how gorgeously sweet and nervous you would have been waiting to go live on the news today and how uncool you would have played it in front of all the reporters in the news room!! One very special person was one of her old university friends, Mr Jon Nicol.

Privacy issues abound as users have no control over who views their broadcasts, and all their clicks and interactions as a viewer could be collected or shared.

Via in-app purchase, viewers can purchase coins to give as gifts to broadcasters.

Thank you @jessicaennishill - this means the world. #smileloveandbekind #roadtorio #jessicaennishill #taraandtyrone #mollivers Thank you ITV news London for handling this so sensitively and being so kind to me and Emmy’s family throughout the whole process. #smileloveandbekind #emmyeffect #bemorelikeemmy https:// I just received this wonderful piece of art (as a gift) from a friend of a friend - the incredibly talented Ed Williamson @williamsonartofficial . Written by Emmy and completed and illustrated by me...

It breaks my heart every single day that she isn’t here with me to see the ‘Emmy effect’ that she is having on the world! He was so inspired by Emmy that he wanted to make this. Can’t wait to move into my own place and find the perfect wall for it! Book 3 in stock and ready to go as soon as the new website it up and running (aiming for October 31st! It is £6.99 and 10% of the profits go to The Royal Marsden Charity as always.Liz, our surrogate, has been an angel from the beginning and Emmy and I will forever be so grateful to her for all that she has already done for us and continues to do for us now. I’m so happy that the kiddies were able to take away copies of the Tara and Tyrone books to read at home or at school or share with their friends and hopefully continue to spread the wonderful message of @emmycoates_16. We both wish Emmy could have been there with us too. Thank you again to everyone for all your wonderful comments! I feel truly undeserving of all of this and it feels very surreal indeed.Being a single dad will be difficult at times I know, but to have a little piece of her in a little Coates baby will mean everything to me. I feel so completely overwhelmed by the love and kindness that I’m receiving from everyone. It is the biggest honour of my life to accept this award on behalf of Emmy who was just simply one of a kind.In return she signed this beautiful signed copy of her own book for Emmy which I’ve just received now.To be an inspiration to Jess says all you need to know about Emmy.Parents need to know that - Live Video Streaming App! is a tool for broadcasting live-streaming videos and watching others' videos.

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