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If you are using Internet Explorer and the image does not refresh, there is a security setting in Internet Explorer that does not allow refresh.

It is under the Tools - Security tab; then choose Custom Level and enable the Meta Tag Refresh under Miscellaneous.

A standard definition webcam is usually a great value for the budget-conscious.

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Aside from being able to disable it selectively, it is automatically disabled if you set IE's security level to 'High'.

A major cyber-attack that used hacked web cameras and shut down high-profile websites including Twitter, Spotify and Pay Pal on Friday, has stirred the debate about cyber security of the Internet of Things (IOT) and smart home technology.

And just like standard def webcams, most high def models feature a built-in mic that can accurately pick up your voice so you’ll always be heard loud and clear. Every model comes with the necessary software that you’ll need so it’ll work perfectly with your computer or laptop’s operating system.

And with a simple USB connection, you’ll be good to go when you want to record, capture, and connect with your online world.

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We are proud of our town, and I rented the new shop just for the chance to show the world how cool Downtown Mystic is.Home routers in general present another major vulnerability, according to Ondrej Filip, CEO of Czech domain administrator, which carried out a large-scale cyber security research project exploring vulnerabilities of home networks.“If you look at an average router you can buy from a shop, it comes with firmware that is not designed to ever be updated,” explained CEO Ondrej Filip.“We have advocated for years for redundancy in your infrastructure,” said Kyle York, chief strategy officer for Dyn, the New Hampshire DNS provider that was attacked on Friday.He further added that clients who used multiple servers “saw less of an impact.” Using multiple DNS providers can, however, make managing traffic more complicated and costly, experts said.The perpetrators of the Friday attack are yet unknown.

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