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Our people should be alert and be let into such dangerous relationships.

Ringleader lives in Ghana London, 21 January 2007 (The People) -- According to an investigation conducted by the UK newspaper - PEOPLE - girls as young as 14 are on sale in Africa for shipment to Britain as sex slaves for just £3,000.

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" Ofosu replied without hesitation: "OK." Shockingly, much of the trade in African youngsters has the approval of the victims' poverty-stricken families because they are allowed to send a small amount of money home.

Ofosu said she would have no problem with families allowing young girls to come to the UK for sex because it is "good money for the relatives". We can get them UK passport." When these tragic girls get to European countries they are often beaten and raped by their pimps.

ARRANGE bogus visas so the buyer will have no trouble bringing his purchase to Britain.

CONDEMN the girls to two years of hell under ruthless pimps who are given a signed contract confirming their "ownership".

She can either come here on a holiday visa and then disappear - or get fake papers which are commonly available in Africa.

Ofosu - a divorced mum of one who has a regular job as a firefighter - boasted she has a corrupt friend in Ghana's civil service.Tourists who travel to destinations purposely to have sex abound everywhere and the tricks they employ to trap innocent people to engage in their wicked acts are very simple but really works.Many people who never intended to become prostitutes have become so, as they never ever realized they were being wooed into prostitution.Ms Asamoah will work for Mr White and will provide sexual services to paying customers. If this deal works out Mrs Ofosu will sell further girls to Mr White.The girls will be aged between 14 and 19 years old." And there was no problem about getting Linda into Britain.It is extremely difficult to get people to understand that they are being exploited unknowingly.

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