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Get there early because they often hit cap right when the show starts at 8pm!via @undefined The all knowing "they" says distance makes the heart grow fonder, but did "they" know about the hilarious, challenging, and mysterious appeal of Improbable Escapes?

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via @chavillacafevia @michellechaung This ones is for all the people that are tired of the stereotypical coffee date, so 2016 right! Be a little adventurous, fun, and dare I say, flirty?!

Head to Cha Villa Cafe, one of the recent additions coming out of Kingston's bubble tea craze.

Ball diamond outfield to be re-graded to improve drainage.

At this open house, view draft concepts and offer feedback.

As for the hot chocolate, head to the charming wholesale fair trade organic coffee shop that not only has fresh espressos for you to savour but some sweet treats to indulge in together. via @scott_stanford21via @danielpauleyca Don't lie, we all know you both secretly adore this "reality" TV show.

Sure, watching other people try and find love may sound like an odd way to get closer to your number one, but think about it.It's time to immerse yourself in some HD thrill seeking, high action movies in exotic locations that'll take you and your significant other places only few dare to go.Seeing the best heart racing, adrenaline filled, adventure packed mountain films for around the world is something you wont always get a chance to do, get your tickets here!You get all the drinks and comforting eats at the Queen's Pub you'd get on a regular date, but with the added bonus of being surrounded by a social setting you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.Tables of screaming girls (and lots of guys, believe us), all cheering for their favourite contestant make for a hilarious night.The comedic aspect of the actual show is something you can both bond over, and because we know you're secretly a super fan at heart, you two can cheer on your favourites along with a sea of other fans.

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