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Ray J is one lucky man to get in on the Kim Kardashian sex tape!

“Antithesis” is a strong word, usually reserved for grand concepts and ideas. Blame it on years spent writing about effortless French style, but I simply have a hard time relating to her unapologetic brand of sex appeal, with its accompanying lifestyle so vastly different from my own.

The last one looked oddly familiar—and sure enough, I quickly located a doppelgänger in the back of my own closet, left over from club days past. As somebody who had once failed out of Stella Adler acting school on week two, I knew that there was no way I would be able to keep a straight face in front of a man I had never met.

I substituted the bodysuit for a low-cut one-piece bathing suit and topped off the look with an Issey Miyake Pleats Please jacket, resulting in a hybrid of two Kim ensembles. I also didn’t exactly have a team of bodyguards to rescue me in case things went haywire, so I took the safe route and reached out to an ex with whom I still happen to be friends, asking to catch up over a drink.

Its Italian tailoring magic redefined every curve of my body to hourglass perfection, making me feel like a woman in the best sense of the word.

I knew that I would have no problem wearing it, be it to a wedding, to the Beekman, or just to stroll around Whole Foods.

Where Kim’s makeup routine consists of something like 50 steps, mine tallies up to five at max.

Where she is comfortable “owning her sexuality” (whatever that even means), I am constantly trying to downplay mine.

Coincidentally, this is the same ex who used to routinely complain about me looking like “a bum in a beanie.” Boy, was I about to show him!

According to my research, it takes Kim two hours, 50 steps, and a glam squad to get ready—a modern-day version of the Royal Court.

Rather than exuding femininity or sensuality or any other Kim-esque qualities, I felt more like the mid-20s version of myself, ready to head out to (the original) Bungalow 8 and tap into whatever debauchery the night had in store.

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