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Recently, Cui and her colleagues in 10 different research hospitals created an ALS registry, recruiting and documenting 461 PALS from across China.

According to China ALS Registry data, only 29% of PALS take rilutek versus 39% which opt for traditional herbs to treat the disease.

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Less than 1% of FALS cases in China are carriers of the C9orf72 expansion, according to Cui.

More commonly found are SOD1 (26%), TDP43 (5.6%), and FUS (12%).

In a separate study of 680 PALS, Cui reported on the site of onset and spread of disease in Chinese PALS.

More than half of all PALS in the study were found to have their first symptoms in upper limbs generally (cervical), with another 1 in 5 cases experiencing the first symptoms in either bulbar or lumbar regions.

After confirming that the expansion was stable, she began studying the cells and found a key hallmark of C9orf72 pathology- the presence of toxic RNA foci within the cells.

Other interesting findings reported included the phenomenon of high levels of calcium in C9orf72 motor neurons versus cortical neurons, which may suggest a unique trait for further study.It is an FDA approved compound for the treatment of certain forms of epilepsy and, together with the Northeast ALS Consortium, a 120 person clinical trial is being planned at 12 NEALS sites.Enrolled participants will have the opportunity to be placed into either the treatment group (which will include two different dosing groups) or a placebo control group. One of the challenges with this method is that these genes randomly insert themselves into the genome of the cell and remain there in perpetuity. Newer methods to induce to revert to a stem cell state are being used by other labs, including ALS TDI, which don’t rely on random gene insertion approach. Eggan’s talk dove deep into asking whether or not these type of stem cells were living up to their potential as drug development tools, and he provided some interesting results from his analysis of the field to date. Eggan, his lab can coax mature adult fibroblasts to revert to a state of pluripotency using the Yamanaka factors, inserting into the nucleus of those cells several genes which induce their revision into stem cells.The second day of the International ALS/MND Research Symposium started off with a talk from Kevin Eggan of Harvard University (pictured). Eggan is recognized as the first person to create an induced pluripotent stem cell line from a person diagnosed with ALS (the technology and process to create i PS cells was invented previously by Shinya Yamanaka, M. Before subjecting this cell line to experiments, the team spends about 30 days confirming its status and stability.

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