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They go on-line to chat with friends, make new friends, pass time, and sometimes look for sexually explicit information.

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Sex offenders often supply their potential victims with pornography as a means of opening sexual discussions and for seduction.

Child pornography may be used to show the child victim that sex between children and adults is “normal.” Parents should be conscious of the fact that a child may hide the pornographic files on diskettes from them.

Sex offenders targeting children will use and exploit these characteristics and needs.

Some adolescent children may also be attracted to and lured by on-line offenders closer to their age who, although not technically child molesters, may be dangerous.

With Caller ID, they can readily find out the child’s phone number.

Some computer-sex offenders have even obtained toll-free 800 numbers, so that their potential victims can call them without their parents finding out. Both of these methods result in the computer-sex offender being able to find out the child’s phone number.

They may be moving away from the total control of parents and seeking to establish new relationships outside their family.

Because they may be curious, children/adolescents sometimes use their on-line access to actively seek out such materials and individuals.

While talking to a child victim on-line is a thrill for a computer-sex offender, it can be very cumbersome.

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