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Plaintiffs have been cheated out of their rightful interest in NOHO and defendants must now answer for their actions,” the lawsuit states. He was married to porn actress Jenna Jameson, who filed for divorce in 2006.Blatt seeks million in damages for breach of contract, constructive fraud, fraudulent inducement and other counts.Law360, New York (August 26, 2014, PM EDT) -- Noho Inc.

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But in May 2013, Blatt says, Grdina merged Dolce Bevuto into a new Nevada-based company called Dolce, without reissuing TCB’s shares. Grdina then told Blatt and TCB that the 5 percent interest was not non-dilutable after all, according to the complaint.

“Defendants further instructed that before any shares in NOHO could be issued to plaintiffs they would have to a) sign a new ‘lock up’ agreement with NOHO for their 5 percent ‘dilutable’ interest and b) enter into a new ‘non-exclusive’ foreign distribution agreement with NOHO,” the complaint states.

And seven months later Jenna Jameson looks ready to pop.

The 42-year-old Las Vegas native, who's expecting her third child, was snapped in West Hollywood, California on Saturday.

“If they refused, plaintiffs were informed that their interests would be canceled and the distribution agreement would be terminated.

Plaintiffs were given a moment’s notice to accept defendants new terms and when they failed to do so in the unreasonable timeframe demanded, defendants cancelled their shares in NOHO and wrongfully terminated the distribution agreement.” Grdina was paid a 0,000 annual salary, a ,000 car, ,200 in health insurance allowance and other bonuses, according to the lawsuit.

shot, and Premium Lifestyle Beverage, which is sold in an 8.4-oz. Blatt says he worked as an international agent for Grdina’s company, Club Jenna, which Grdina founded with Jameson.

He claims he then entered into a deal with Grdina to manage international licensing and distribution for the hangover drinks in exchange for a 10 percent founder’s interest in NOHO.

His compensation for 20 was 5,000 the complaint states, citing SEC filings.

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