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“In Spain people asked me a lot about euthanasia, in Germany it was about refugees, in the Netherlands about ageing – and in Italy it was all about love.” This coming January, Allende will begin another book at her new home.

Nobody is allowed in her writing room but herself and the dog, she says.

As Allende began writing The Japanese Lover, the foundation was working with a campaign against human trafficking.

This year its largest grant went to Kind (“Kids In Need of Defence”), a charity that provides lawyers for child refugees seeking asylum.

” The office from which Allende runs her charitable foundation – and gives interviews – is a smart townhouse a few steps from the waterfront in Sausalito, a tiny northern California town in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The author, whose force of personality defies her diminutive five-foot stature, sits with her dog, Dulce, curled beside her on the couch.

“I was thinking that I would be 40 very soon and my life had no meaning, and nothing I thought I would achieve had come to pass,” she recalls.

“I started writing a letter to my grandfather, and I kept writing for a year.

The Chilean author, who is 73, keeps the correspondence in a closet, classified by year.

Recently, for the first time, she began archiving the daily letters digitally, delving into her past to discover how much she has changed – and how little.

The things that changed the direction of my life have been totally out of my control: my father abandoning me, my mother marrying a diplomat, the military coup, my daughter’s death.” Since the split, she shares a small house in Marin County with Dulce, an “ordinary mutt” that she picked from a litter being given away in a park three years ago. But she had surgery and now she looks perfect.” Letters are a key motif in the book, and they have played an outsized role in Allende’s life – not just those she exchanged with her mother, but also the one she began writing to her dying grandfather on 8 January 1981, which grew into her sprawling debut novel, .

At the time, Allende lived in Venezuela with her first husband, Miguel Frias, the father of her two children.

“I count in Spanish, cook in Spanish, make love in Spanish.

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