Issues with dating truck drivers Sexc xxx kariah

Women are funny, many post talk of the "him" in the post, not coming around often enough..we all know what the responces say...him, he's playing you etc.

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Issues with dating truck drivers

The NTDC competitors are made up of the winners in eight classes of competition from 50 State Trucking Associations’ Truck Driving Championships, as well as the winners of the auto transporters class at the regional TDCs.

The NTDC and affiliated state TDCs are considered the one of the industry’s largest and most effective safety programs.

Only thing I seen about semi drivers is they can be wreckless at times in the big ole rigs.

That dont aplly to all of them but, I drive up north on I-74 alot and those semi's are pretty dicey on that road.

The Championships are a great incentive for professional truck drivers to operate safely, because they must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the competition.

Many of the competitors have millions of accident-free driving miles to their credit.

When the profession actually paid very well and had really decent men and women doing the job. Well my father was a long haul truck driver for many years, it was hard on us not having him home sometimes, but my parents are coming up to their 50th wedding aniversary, so it can happen.

I have yet to meet a current truck driver that can even compare. Just have to find that right woman, my Dad also made sure he was always home on Sundays, so that was family time, it just takes some will never work for you if your partner isn't basically a trusting, confident, and fairly independent person.

Not sure what is the life of a woman dating/married to an actual 'Truck Driver' but I would think it wouldn't be much different than any other relationship where you have to deal with the separation either because the partner works in the military. Simple as that...yourself the questions and you will have the answers. The thing is most want a home to settle down to, a family, and a hubby who is home most of the part I mentioned because of your age.

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