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Cole is a fan of Weezer, Oasis, System of a Down, Sublime, The Gorillaz, Tenacious D, Green Day and Linkin Park.Both Cole and Dylan stated that are not fans Twilight fans.Whe Cole turned 17, he wanted to driv up to Mammoth. Cole can’t live without a Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell. Cole’s dream job would be to own a robotics empire.

Cole lives about an hour away from the Suite Life on Deck set.

Cole and his brother Dylan usually fight because they both want something.

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We have a very easy time separating work and play and I wouldn’t really care less if he watched or if he enjoyed it.

In potentially the most controversial love-triangle since Bella Swan had to choose between Edward and Jacob in the Twilight saga, Cole Sprouse now has both Lili Reinhart and Miss Piggy competing for his affections. " [email protected] Tell your diary that moi has moved on from walking over the frog. Meanwhile Cole waded into the fight for his attention by playing his cards close to his chest: "Ladies please"

Cole once had his Facebook account deleted, because members are not allowed to impersonate celebrities.

On Cole’s very first day at a new school, a bird pooped all over his back, and kids recognized him from “Big Daddy”.

In early 2009, Cole backed his car into singer Ray J’s 0,000 Bentley.

Cole drives a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution that was customized by West Coast Customs.

Cole’s favorite foods are homemade lasagna and stuffed green peppers. Cole says that when it comes down to getting on the computer, it’s 95% video games. Cole and Dylan named their dog Curry after Japanese curry, which they both love to eat. One of his favorites is a Devil’s Food Cake recipe from Michele Urvater’s Chocolate Cake cookbook.

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