Iron monkey beer dating

We studied it, some salivating over the pages but in the end it was too massive of a list to conquer, so we decided to forego the list and just go and wing it (which would later prove to be a wise decision).

It was raining this night, so we didn’t have the chance to sit on the roof instead we opted to sit and eat on the second level.

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Body is equally fruity with light earthy hop character. Try to avoid pouring the last dregs as the yeast sediment is not the most favorable part of this beer.

Tilt bottle slowly into glass making certain that pour is sufficiently vigorous to raise a foamy head.

One drink led to another and Jason M told her we from KT and had Steve, the owner, and Brant, the Beer Manager, come out to speak with us.

These gentlemen are stand up guys and I spoke to Brant for a long time about beers and possibilities for the Iron Monkey.

The place had almost 40 beers available on tap that crossed a range of styles though there were quite a few Goose Island beers available (I'm guessing they had a event shortly before we visited).

There is also a rather extensive bottle list but you will need to ask to get it, it was not offered when we were seated.Quality: Beers were served at the proper temperature using a variety of glassware, including snifters for some beers.Service: I went there on a late Sunday morning and our group practically had the entire second floor to ourselves so service was rather quick, although it took a bit longer if you ordered beers from a floor different from the one you were seated at.Vibe: This place is located in a part of Jersey City that resembles Lower Manhattan in the 1990s—outside of business hours the neighborhood is dead.The Iron Monkey is a four-floor establishment consisting of the following: First Floor—long bar with stools; Second Floor—very small bar with restaurant-style seating; Third Floor—kitchen and bathrooms; Fourth Floor—rooftop bar and seating.This place is located in Jersey City in a more business oriented area so it is pretty quiet in the evenings/weekend.

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