Intimidating powderpuff nicknames

Female leaders are more likely to use a “velvet hammer,” tending to express orders as polite suggestions.

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Intimidating powderpuff nicknames

Ask people to identify alpha males in their workplace, and they’ll readily produce a list. In our work with senior executives, we’ve encountered many women who possess some of the traits of the alpha male, but none who possess all of them.

But ask them if they work with any alpha females, and they’ll look confused. Women can be just as data driven and opinionated as alpha males and can cope with stress equally well, but the vast majority of women place more value on interpersonal relationships and pay closer attention to people’s feelings.

He must admit vulnerability, accept accountability not just for his own work but for others’, connect with his underlying emotions, learn to motivate through a balance of criticism and validation, and become aware of unproductive behavior patterns.

The goal of executive coaching is not simply to treat the alpha as an individual problem but to improve the entire team dynamic.

When the alpha male doesn’t like something, he states it loud and clear.

A female leader can be less willing to force an issue publicly if she doesn’t anticipate quick assent.

Like their male counterparts, most powerful women follow distinct behavioral patterns—but these patterns can be harder to recognize.

When dealing with female leaders, you need to look for telling signs, just as you do with alpha males.

Coaches get the alpha’s attention by inundating him with data from 360-degree feedback presented in ways he will find compelling—both hard-boiled metrics and vivid verbatim comments from colleagues about his strengths and weaknesses.

A 360-degree assessment is a wake-up call for most alphas, providing undeniable proof that their behavior doesn’t work nearly as well as they think it does.

But many of their quintessential strengths can also make alphas difficult to work with. Their high expectations can make them excessively critical.

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