Intimidating girlfriend

The toddler died from violent head trauma and brain injury and never regained consciousness even after she was brought to the hospital, according to preliminary hearing testimony.

Rodriguez had originally told detectives that Delilah slipped and fell in the tub while taking a bath.

Chapman fired the handgun eight times after an October 30, 2015, party with friends and family members at his home in Davie, Fla.

One bullet went through an open window and into a nearby field.

We did reach out to Thieneman's attorney, but have not received a call back.

New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman told reporters on Wednesday he exercised “bad judgment" for using a handgun during the alleged domestic violence incident with his girlfriend that led to a 30-game suspension.

Chapman, as he said in a statement after MLB announced the ban on Tuesday, reiterated he did not harm his girlfriend during alleged altercation in which she accused Chapman of choking her."I'm apologizing because of the use of the gun,” Chapman said through a Spanish interpreter in Tampa, according to But I also want to say that I never hurt my girlfriend.

I want this to be very clear."Ruth Glenn, executive director of the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday that she found it "disturbing" Chapman did not think he did any harm in the alleged incident.“When a gun is involved, that is intimidation," Glenn said. Chapman is not taking any responsibility for really bad behavior."Davie police cited lack of cooperation from Chapman’s girlfriend and other witnesses along with conflicting stories as the reason the department did not pursue charges in the case.I was originally going to respond to this from the perspective of self-loathing men who never feel good enough for the woman they're dating or married to, and for whom this feeling of inadequacy is likely to increase when the woman enjoyed additional success.(For my earlier blog posts on self-loathing, see the categorized list here.) On further reflection, however, I think this phenomenon makes sense for a lot of men in general—and a converse result would be expected for women as well.“This is very significant penalty in terms of games lost and salary.”The suspension, the first issued by MLB as part of its domestic violence policy, will cost Chapman about million in lost salary.Sean Michael Kothe, who is charged with killing his girlfriend's daughter last year and dissuading a witness, listens to testimony during a preliminary hearing last month at Santa Maria Superior Court. It summarizes the results from an academic paper by Kate A.

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