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Creating a Roto Bezier path is similar to creating a manual Bezier path.

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Effects, masks, layer styles, and keyframes and expressions for properties in the Transform property group of the text layer are copied to the new shape layer or solid-color layer. The new solid-color layer is created at the top of the layer stacking order.

For characters that consist of compound paths—such as i and e—multiple masks are created and combined with the Subtract mask mode.

When creating additional masks for one layer in the Layer panel, make sure that the Target menu in the Layer panel is set to None; otherwise, you replace the targeted mask instead of creating a mask. You create a shape layer by drawing in the Composition panel with a shape tool or the Pen tool.

You can then add shape attributes to existing shapes or create shapes within that shape layer.

Usually, a new shape has a fill and a stroke that correspond to the Fill and Stroke settings in the Tools panel at the time that the shape is drawn.

You can use the same controls in the Tools panel to change these attributes for a selected shape after it has been drawn.By default, if you draw in the Composition panel when a shape layer is selected, you create a shape within that shape layer, above the selected shapes or group of shapes.If you draw in the Composition panel using a shape tool or Pen tool when an image layer other than a shape layer is selected, you create a mask.The Create Shapes From Text command extracts the outlines for each character, creates shapes from the outlines, and puts the shapes on a new shape layer.You can then use these shapes as you would any other shapes.The new layer contains one shape group for each selected character, plus fill and stroke properties that match the fills and strokes of the text.

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