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'She has never hidden her desire to see ITV power couple Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford go into the CBB house, though; and she echoed this again.'Those two are my dream housemates.

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She had a lot to contend with during the launch night of the new season of Big Brother on Monday evening.

But as ever, Emma Willis handled the live broadcast with grace.

Armed troops in black uniforms pour out of unmarked vans and swarm across a lawn in a middle class residential neighborhood. Two of the troops carry a battering ram to the front door of a white two-storey house. In position, their comrades point M-16s into first-floor windows, ready to be ambushed. An attractive woman in her thirties is making breakfast.

The view becomes a direct overhead of the buildings and streets of the city, which then metamorphoses (through animation) into chips and digital signals on a stylised computer board.

And while this garnered criticism from fans of the show, Emma revealed that she was totally in the dark about this.'I didn't even know they were on Ex On The Beach,' she admitted.

'But I guess it will make for a great rest of the show.'They're all friends in the first two days, but within a week they'll all be fighting! They really are a true reflection of society in Britain.'Obviously, they wanted an election theme.

Some even branded him rude.'These seasoned performers can easily seem like a rabbit in the headlights,' Emma explained exclusively to Mail Online. But on Monday night, 70 percent of the audience booed him.'So I think that just knocked him for six.

Hopefully, that's what happened.' Practice what you preach: Perhaps shocking to some, male stripper Lotan Carter, 28, talked a big game in his opening VT ahead of his grand entrance; but when it came to his launch night interview with Emma, he was awkward, non-communicative and distracted Lotan - who is a Dreamboys performer - had spent his VT bragging about his sex symbol status, his looks and the fact that his penis is allegedly insured for £12m.

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Battling against the elements - an unseasonably irritating downpour - and continual bad language escaping the mouths of the incoming housemates, the presenter, 41, also had to tackle over-the-top personalities, a live crowd and one very non-chatty entrant. And the launch night saw Emma Willis take center stage as host of the show.

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