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Olympic weightlifting, however, will target Type IIb muscle fibers specifically.During exercise, you fire your Type I fibers before your Type II (unless you’re an Olympic-level athlete — those guys can skip right to their Type II fibers).Also, use long jogs, hikes, or bike rides for cardio to improve your aerobic system.

Seizures are not a major problem as their final prognosis is good.

Valproate, lamotrigine, levetiracetam and sulthiame# may be the most appropriate treatments.

In cases with severe linguistic impairment, subpial intracortical transections have been used with success.

*Expert opinion, please check FDA-approved indications and prescribing information #Not approved by the FDA The educational kit on epilepsies: The epileptic syndromes By C. Panayiotopoulos Originally published by MEDICINAE, 21 Cave Street, Oxford OX4 1BA First published 2006 and reprinted in 2007.

The treatment of CSWS, which is responsible for the neuropsychological impairment, is entirely empirical and usually of transient efficacy.

The following schemes, alone or in combination, have been proposed.

For example, if your one-rep max on the bench press is 200lbs, then use 160lbs.

Then, do as many reps until you fail or your technique gets really bad.

Then, add heavier power exercises like power cleans, push presses, and jump squats; with your strength training, lift very heavy (90% or more of your 1RM) and lift as fast as you can.

Finally, periodically target your slow-twitch muscles with high-rep sets or slow eccentric movements.

And while you can change the composition of your muscle fibers to some extent, the rest of it is determined by your genetics.

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