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Jersey police said tests on the remains, which were placed at the site no earlier than 1920, are inconclusive and more will be carried out.

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"A number of items have been recovered from cellar Rooms 1 and 2, which tend to corroborate the statements of victims." Mr Harper could not say what the items are as they may lose "evidential value" if the details are published.

Scroll down for more The first secret room contained a concrete bath Work will not start on excavating the third cellar until forensic teams finish in the second chamber.

[By REBECCA CAMBER]Two more "punishment rooms" were found at a former Jersey children's home at the centre of a major child abuse investigation, police have said.

The two secret underground chambers were found by forensic teams at Haut de la Garenne, the home where 100 people claim they were physically and sexually assaulted since the 1960s.

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