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We were soon pregnant again but I was quite dim as I did not think to question the accepted views on pregnancy and childbirth, so just went along with the doctors.

I went a week overdue and arrived at the hospital in early labour.

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She didn’t offer any follow-up and frankly, I was too out of it to care. Fast forward seven years to September 2012 and I had divorced 4 years earlier and remarried.

I was doing quite well as a musician and working hard at my Open University maths degree.

I bought first-year medical textbooks instead of the makeup and teenage clothes my friends were into and actually taught myself quite a lot from almost constant medical and scientific reading.

Under almost every cause of the diseases, I read about were the words, ‘ethology unknown,’ meaning that doctors did not know what caused them.

I looked like I had triplets, so my stomach was a mess. After the operation, the doctor said that there was a lot of swelling on my tubes and she was worried the clips might come off in time.

I just looked at her, holding my dear new son – through that “wonderful” haze of narcotic drugs they give you after a section, the ones that make your face swell and make you forget your name – and nodded stupidly.I found that stressful, but I understood so the next time I had my light cycle I went to A&E with my Doppler, saying I was pregnant and spotting. If my heart beat was 141 I would be out of breath and sweating, having just run around the block perhaps, which of course I had not. The next month was a blur of us going back to the doctors asking for help and worrying that maybe the baby was an abdominal pregnancy.I knew they would scan me and DH would see his baby. This was to be the beginning of the real nightmare, I’d go as far as to say pure hell that would be the rest of my pregnancy all thanks to the good old British NHS. More research on pregnancy tests showed me that the Hook effect when you have too much HCG can cause a false negative on urine and blood tests.I was then induced and ended up having another Caesarean Section, as my body was nowhere near ready.Plus the hospital had really fed me scare stories as I had a previous section, so I just gave in.The sample has to be diluted by titration to obtain a true positive.

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