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But pressure is on to reach a deal so Greece can make a payment of around 7.5 billion euros (.4 billion) due in July.In a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that "Europe must show that it is capable of overcoming intransigence." "We expect a statement that will clear the way for the release of the next disbursement before Greek repayments become due in mid-July.

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It means Athens will be able to receive a second tranche from the 2015 agreement.

() A 29-year-old parcel-bomb suspect has been arrested by Greek police probing intimidation of European figures involved in Greece's financial bailouts.

They are considering swapping a five-year bond which was issued in 2014, with a new five-year bond and raising an amount over the same issue. The yield on Greece's five-year bond, maturing in 2019 was 5.03 percent on Wednesday.

Whether or not a debt issue is raised depends on how the country is able to restructure existing debt, which now accounts for 179 percent of GDP, the highest in the euro zone.

Greek ferry workers and journalists have begun a strike to protest at a new austerity package to be put to a parliamentary vote this week.

Islands without an airport will be effectively cut off from the mainland.Greece is facing a day-long information blackout, while many tourist islands will be virtually unreachable, as journalists and ferry workers began strikes on Tuesday to protest at another package of austerity measures ahead of a parliament vote on Thursday. Radio and TV news broadcasts have been cancelled and newspapers are not expected to be published for two days, while no ferries were to sail in the Ionian and Aegean seas, according to coastguard information.The 48-hour ferry workers' strike will affect many Greek islands - some of the country's main tourist destinations - with those lacking an airport being virtually inaccessible for the duration of the stoppage.The austerity package is a condition for receiving further tranches of money from a bailout deal agreed with the country's international creditors.Greece has been fighting to stave off bankruptcy for seven years, and is due to repay more than 7 billion euros in July to the European Central bank and the International Monetary Fund.The changes are meant to increase Greece's primary budget surplus, and so leave more money for debt servicing.

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