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These aren't frat kids acting out a scene from "Animal House," this is Zog Sports, a new kind of coed sports league, where young professionals—lawyers, bankers, brokers—bond over football 'n' beer.

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Black women have a lot of undue pressure to remain loyal to the black community, with little or no reciprocation or expectations. And if they’re educated, that number shoots up to 30%.

They are also taught from a very young age that a black man is the “ultimate win” for a black woman, and that we should strive to attain this status even if it means dating below your station. So it’s no wonder why One thing does ring true–black women ARE interested in interracial relationships more than ever before in modern history.

Created two years ago by former technology exec Robert Herzog as an alternative to singles bars, online dating and lonely weekends, Zog Sports boasts 9,000 members (most of them single) who pay an average of $100 per season to participate in eight different sports, including volleyball and soccer.

The sweat-and-beer formula is working for similar leagues across the United States.

It's hard to be a poser when you're sweaty, sporting turf burns and trying to score the winning touchdown.

It was on the Zog playing fields that Marc Weinstein and his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Novak, who joined the league separately in 2002, discovered an amazing fact: they were right for each other after all.

Afterward they gather at official Zog Sports happy hours (the bars donate about 15 percent of their profits to charities like the American Cancer Society) to re-enact the highlights and, well, party.

Rivalries turn into friendships, which can turn into hook-ups, which can turn into Cinderella stories.

They were looking at the numbers just like everyone else, and can see that while every other minority in America is increased their intermarriage rates, black women still lag behind. Fear mongering about being “fetishized” also keeps black women stuck, and these people are more than happy to perpetuate that nonsense.

But unlike the article, we’ve spent years here discussing the reasons why this is the case, and I’ve been in the trenches…I know what the challenges are. The legacy of slavery has allowed for the symbolism of a black woman with a white man in the 21st Century to be used as a manipulation tactic to keep black women from really feeling free to date white men. The black community really doesn’t want it’s women with any other race of man either. They have seriously damaged the interracial dating prospects of black women in some misguided desire to martyr themselves for the race, despite the reality that the men they pledge eternal fidelity to are barely marrying at all, and when they do, 24% of them marry non-black women.

Weinstein, 35, joined the league to quarterback the Enforcers. After running into each other at a game, they started talking, which led to a new round of dates and, eventually, marriage.

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