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Zoey runs for class president but drops out due to her friendship with Chase.

Zoey has two enemies, Rebecca and Stacy, but mostly she is friends with everyone at PCA and has two boyfriends during the series.

Zoey is a natural leader, whose spunk, charm and independent nature help her rally support for anything she does. ," she moves to London to go to a preparatory school called Covington while her dad works in England.

She returns to PCA to tell Chase her true feelings after overhearing him tell Michael and Logan that he misses and loves her, but Chase has already transferred to Covington to be with Zoey.

She briefly dates the dean's son and then dates James Garrett.

Zoey sticks up for her friends and her little brother and proves herself as a true friend.

Unfortunately, he overhears rumors that she had already decided to go without talking with him.

This hurts him, so he acts very bitter when Zoey comes to talk with him.

Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn) is the main male character in Zoey 101, and the first person that Zoey meets at PCA.

In several episodes, people make fun of Chase's bushy hair.

When Zoey moves with their parents to London, Dustin stays at PCA.

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