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Importantly, it is before the “age of reason,” which is traditionally considered the age of 7, so it is not a “choice.” You mention that you knew this about your son well before he came out to you now, at the age of 14.

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This may not be the case as other extended family members/friends eventually find out but for now, in our home, we just want him to know he is ok and loved. I was raised Byzantine Catholic and my husband and I have raised our children in the faith as well. What happens as he gets older and possibly wants to date? He is older and although he is a wonderful person, whom I admire greatly, I am not comfortable revealing this information about my son. I want to do what is best for my child and have realized this may involve finding a faith community that would be more accepting of my son. SISTER VASSA’S RESPONSE: Dear N., So please just accept it as my personal opinion, no more and no less than that.

Any insight you can provide would be so valuable to me as we move forward. I applaud your approach of standing by your son in “unconditional” love.

Let me say that her words drew immediate response from clergy and laity all over the world.

Beyond the pitched battle of the left-leaning and traditionalists sides who might be looking for any arena to draw blood in regardless of the exact context or mitigating circumstances, there was widespread consternation about what was written and the sort of response that will necessarily follow from those with influence in her life (her bishop, her "zillions," ROCOR, AFR, etc.).

I think it is helpful for us to remember that we, as parents, do not guide our children as ones perfect in the whole area of sex.

We guide them as humbled veterans, if you will, of a war we also haven’t perfectly fought or “won.” But here’s the thing about homosexuality. Like, our consistent disregard for God’s word, which is worse than the sins of “Sodom and Gomorrah,“ as our Lord points out in Matthew 10: 14: “…And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.What I want to ask you about is a topic that is not discussed too often in my church - homosexuality.Recently, my 14-year-old son came out to my husband and I.*EMAIL OF THE WEEK: (from a mother, on MY SON IS HOMOSEXUAL). Vassa, Please let me first tell you how much your reflections mean to me.I enjoy getting your perspective on scripture each morning.I think you won’t be able to change the fact that he will “date,” unless he wants to commit himself to celibacy.

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