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The best towns in Minnesota for LGBT families feature high-quality schools, beautiful parks, and all of the other hallmarks of a good life.Additionally, these towns and cities provide regular LGBT events, plenty of LGBT-friendly congregations, and a supportive environment.

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Popular alternatives for LGBT families include Linden Hills, Nokomis, and Hiawatha. Paul's downtown district is somewhat more family-friendly than Downtown Minneapolis, but local LGBT families typically prefer the more laid-back atmosphere of St. During Pride Week, Minneapolis receives the bulk of the attention, but St.

Although not quite as appealing to LGBT Minnesotans as Minneapolis, St. Paul residents are also happy to show their support.

Experience the vast queertopia where I have resided for nearly five years.

Try to hide your excitement as you realize all of the queer opportunities this beautiful city provides.

Same-sex marriage was legal in Minnesota two years before it became legal on a nationwide basis.

However, quality of life for LGBT individuals involves far more than the ability to tie the knot.” I dare you to try to find a section that’s under 3.The Minneapolis queer girl scene is fun and exciting with a wide variety of girls to meet.Detailed below are seven towns and cities that have opened their arms to LGBT families: Minneapolis is, hands-down, the most LGBT-friendly city in Minnesota.It is also arguably one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the United States.In late June, over 300,000 visitors flock to Hennepin Avenue for one of the best pride parades in the Midwest.

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