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I educated them, and I wanted our relationship to keep growing. I wanted to be able to share with them what I was going through." "I had been doing summer stock every summer while I was in college.

We did a showcase, like most good conservatories do - monologues and things that agents and casting directors come to see.

Here’s what the talented cast has been up to since the historic show went off the air more than a decade ago.

Randy Harrison was born in New Hampshire, but his family moved to Atlanta when he was 11.

(His dad is the CEO of a paper company; his mom's "a thwarted artist and a genius"; his older brother is a bank manager.) The acting thing happened in preschool: "My parents couldn't find a baby-sitter, so they brought me to a production of Peter Pan when I was 5. I knew I wanted to be onstage after that." His gay-style rsum has always been paltry. I wore huge flannels and Doc Martens and cords." Post-high school, he survived the brutal (and renowned) theater program at CCM, the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, even though he wasn't exactly popular with the faculty.

was America’s first TV series to exclusively focus on the lives and loves of gay and lesbian characters.

Love it or hate it, we had to watch it — and now there's even talk of bringing it back in some form.

At a recent first-season-DVD-signing session at the Lincoln Center Tower Records featuring Harrison, Paige, and co-star Gale Harold, "it was like 'N Sync or something," says Harrison.

"I think we signed 700 or 800 boxed sets." At a pop. It's time to get that out of the way — because QAF really can be steamy, at least as steamy as, say, Sex and the City.

"His character is taking some turns now," says Sharon Gless, the Emmy Awardwinning actress (Cagney & Lacey) who plays the proud-mom-of-a-gay-son on QAF.

"And sometimes I like just standing back and watching him work.

His New York Theatre debut was in 2001 in the Off-Broadway Premiere of Austin Pendleton's play, "Uncle Bob." He starred opposite George Morfogen for six weeks.

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