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You likely won't see a lot of day-to-day activity on a fake profile because of the effort required to generate 'real' content.

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And while that, unfortunately, doesn’t make it any less embarrassing, you can rest easy knowing the last moment you got sidelined wasn’t caught on the kiss cam and watched by thousands of people.

Some girl and some guy were minding their own business watching a Houston Rockets game.

As the MTV television show "Catfished" has shown time and time again, the person behind that sexy profile pic may be nothing close to what they advertised.

Catfishers may create elaborate online profiles using pictures of models, in an attempt to hook victims looking for love online.

Private investigators could also use false profile friend requests to help them learn more information about you.

The kind of information that you normally would restrict from public view and reserve for friends only.

Fake profiles are often created hastily and most profiles will indicate when the person joined Facebook.

If their Facebook timeline says they joined Facebook 12 days ago then the person is most likely trying to scam you, unless it's your grandmother, who is very late to the Facebook party and has a legitimate reason for having a limited history.

If according to their Facebook timeline, the person just joined Facebook an extremely short time ago, then this is a huge clue that the friend request is bogus.

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