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When like-minded users come together online, they often form virtual health communities in which they share intimate details of their diagnoses, treatments and coping mechanisms.

Some become active users who post comments daily; others simply scan the conversations but never post.

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În acest context aducem la cunoştiinţa cetăţenilor că nu este obligatorie programarea online sau luarea unui bon de ordine pentru persoanele care solicită radierea definitivă a autovehiculelor ce participă la programul RABLA 2017. 41/2016, contravaloarea persmiselor de conducere , certificatelor de inmatriculare, si a autorizatiilor provizorii, se poate achita la unitatile trezoreriei statului, (Trezoreria Mun.

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Din cauza unor defecțiuni de ordin tehnic la nivelul unui server central al Direcţiei Regim Permise de Conducere şi Înmatriculare a Vehiculelor, joi 26 octombrie 2017, nu se vor putea desfășura activități cu publicul la nivelul serviciilor centrale si judetene.

Personalul de intervenţie lucrează deja pentru rezolvarea situaţiei.

“These users included ‘caretakers, opportunists, scientists and adventurers’.”Huh explained that caretakers cite emotional support as a high value in visiting these communities.

Caretakers can be senior forum users who welcome and initiate new participants and provide emotional support as informal moderators.One of the first rules of netiquette is to never type in all caps.This comes across as shouting and many people find it offensive.“Surprisingly, we found that 95 percent of posters had already undergone surgery.Few who were posting in chat rooms had not already had an operation.” “The more that I delved into these online health communities, the more I found groups of people really trying to support each other. Users encouraged other users to talk to their doctors and were upfront in saying they could not offer medical guidance.” Jina Huh, Ph D, assistant professor of medicine, described four types of chat room users or personas in the .“We identified four broad categories of visitors to online health communities from an online survey of more than 180 online health community users,” said Huh.However, when researcher Rebecca Marmor, MD, looked into the impact of online chat rooms on patients’ treatment decisions, Jolie’s name did not appear once.

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