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Elective Mode is enabled by going into options while in game, choosing the game play section, the checking the box next to elective mode.=== Is there any way to loot a fallen party member like in Diablo 2?No this is not possible in Diablo 3 all inventory items are effectively lost when you die, however you could *try to throw as many items out of your inventory onto the ground as your hero is in the process of being beaten to death.....Ironmen are locked out of most forms of interactions with other players such as trading, the Grand Exchange, most group minigames, Pv P, and almost all other group activities.

No, nothing is shared between the two game modes ever.

You don't use the same auction house and you can't play with other heroes of a different mode.

Two Hardcore heroes can play together and share items as long as they are both hardcore though.

=== My character died but it's not my fault, can I get my character back or at least cry on the forums? Even if it's lag, a stealth nerf, a blizzard employee comes to your house and covers your eyes, or a bug or glitch kills you at level 59.....

-OR- you can paste the URL of any picture that you want to use as your skin for free! Pour ce mode, le premier serveur est une grande map(4K), les autres serveurs sont plus petits (2.5K). Choose the game mode (FFA, Hard Core, Mega Split and etc.), select a map (more people - more difficult, less people - easier), press play. id=pw.petridish Android Petri Apply for french moderator at modes placed in prototypes Pv P-random arenas are working!

S'il manque des joueurs en début de partie, le serveur ajoute automatiquement des bots sournois et affamés ! Hardcore ironman was later released on November 10, 2016.There are three types of ironmen accounts: A standard ironman, a hardcore ironman, and an ultimate ironman.Once you get to level 10, go back to character creation and create a new character and remember to click the "Hardcore" button under the gender options.(Thanks to Sky for this one) === What are the differences between hardcore and regular(aka: softcore) Diablo 3?You will not get that character back and you can not cry on the forums.

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