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I can then customise a quote for them in two minutes and either email it or even send it through the live chat. It means that when it comes to East Coast Packages we can offer two products instead of 30.They can pay there and then on the spot by authorising that payment. We offer The Deluxe Option and the Cheap as Chips Option.

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Intelligent Matchmaking Service™ - we provide a completely free smart matchmaking service by email.

Once you create a dating profile, our Intelligent Matchmaker will use your personality criteria and individual search preferences to match you with other profiles who share your lifestyle and dating ambition.

From the customers point of view we are quick to respond to their enquiry.

We co-operate with what they want and then we make it super easy for them to check the details and authorise the payment. It gives our business a level of professionalism that gives your customer confidence.

I was looking for something which would facilitate the process of taking the credit card payments more directly.

That was when our web developers OM4 suggested I check out the option of using e-Path.

So they open it up and they’ve got the updated list of what they are paying for.

From the customers point of view, it is personal and it feels like it is made especially for them.

They wouldn’t give us an e-commerce payment gateway account for that reason.

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